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Green Home Design and Architecture for Sustainability and Resilience
Because our lives depend on it    ;sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Entry Approach - First Austin LEED Home

EA’s unique wholistic approach to planning & design significantly lowers Living Costs while providing year-round enjoyment.

We have been pioneering the sustainability movement in Texas since the 1970s.
Because life depends upon it.


Nearly 40 Years of Leadership in Healthful, High Performance Green Homes, Remodeling, Green Architecture
Fostering Sustainable Living Concepts & Practices since 1975

Save money, save energy, thrive in a healthful home environment, and do your part for the planet.

“You Can Afford A Green Home!”

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Environment Associates has a proven passion for cultivating and advancing quality of life through high-performance green homes in Texas and beyond.  Our green home designs demonstrate the dramatic economic, environmental, social – and joyful – benefits derived from striving to build sustainably.

  • Significantly lower Living Cost
  • Healthful indoor air quality
  • Superior energy efficiency
  • Low maintenance durability
  • Better return on investment
  • Improved human comfort and joy
  • Eco-friendly design and construction
  • Design for Passive Sustainability and Resilience

When you are ready to make responsible, informed decisions about the planning, design, and construction of the home, buildings, and surroundings that define your quality of life, look to Environment AssociatesYou can afford a green home!  We’ll show you how.

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Green Home Architects for Houston, Austin, all of Texas and beyond

Design for Life: provident, foresighted, well-prepared, prudent, practical, sensible, visionary.

Environment Associates’ (EA) signature design approach, EA Design for Life, enhances livability during normal times with greater comfort and survivability at times of extreme weather and power outages.  EA’s unique wholistic approach to planning and design significantly lowers our clients’ Living Costs while delivering year-round enjoyment.

Passive design strategies reduce energy use, enhance comfort, and enable homes to go completely off-grid to become net zero energy (and even income producing) if desired.  The use of healthy materials fosters healthier lives.  Climate appropriate design, materials, and superior construction methods offer low-maintenance durability, thrifty operation, healthy indoor air quality, and design aesthetics that delight the homeowners and occupants.

EA are the architects for the project which launched Texas’ green building movement in 1979, the Southern Solar Energy Center’s Houston’s Passive Solar Demonstration Home, toured by 30,000 people.  EA’s founder’s work and participation influenced the creation of this nation’s original green building program, now named the Austin Energy Green Building Program, from which all the other green building programs are patterned, nationally and internationally.  Environment Associates, Architects & Consultants, is also proud to be the first Houston entity to complete a Certified LEED Platinum project anywhere on the Planet.  This project is also the first double award LEED/5 Star home, the first certified LEED Home, and the first certified LEED Platinum building project of any kind completed in Austin Texas, the birthplace of green building.

As green building pioneers and a proven authority on environmentally responsible architecture, we serve those seeking superior solutions for where they live, work, and play.

Quality of life, not a project’s size, is our concern.

To avoid conflict of interest behaviors that we believe are not in the best interest of homeowners and that ethically plague business and life in general in the US today:

  • We do not sell the building products we specify or use
  • We do not accept commissions from those wanting to pay us for recommending their products or services
  • ŸWe do not pay commissions for referrals of clients to us
  • We do not provide rating services
  • ŸWe do not engage in design/build type services that combine design services with construction contracting

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