Statement of Principles

Statement of Principles and Work

Since 1975, Environment Associates has been committed to lowering the “Living Cost” of homes by creating superior living environments for those seeking quality of life at home, in their communities, and in our larger world.

Our commitment to sustainable principles has resulted in: our founder’s appointment as an Advisor to both the Governor’s and the Texas Energy Advisory Councils; helping found several non-profits including the Houston and the Texas Solar Energy Societies; being designated a “Houston Hero” for the Environment, and honored as a Texas Legacy Conservation Leader by the Conservation History Association of Texas.  These and other pioneering efforts led Environment Associates (EA) in 1979 to become the architects for the project which launched Texas’ green building movement, “Houston’s Passive Solar Demonstration Home”; to become the recipient of the prestigious Houston Audubon Society’s “Hershey Conservation Award”; and the achievement of numerous firsts for regional and national green home design awards, including certified Austin Green Building Program 5 Star and LEED for Homes Platinum ratings.

Striving to set new architectural standards, and a consensus definition for sustainable living and building works, EA wholistically designs and cultivates climate-based technical and aesthetic solutions that work to create better living environments that strive for sustainability.  By creatively designing each project according to the special needs and desires of each client, the building site’s specific microclimate, terrain and surroundings, and upon green building and EA’s signature eaDesign for Life concepts and principles for sustainability and resiliency, our clients’ projects become very energy efficient, more durable, healthy, and cost effective to build, and are fundamentally more enjoyable and beneficial to live in and to be around.  It’s all about having happy, healthy clients.

As when we began our practice nearly 40 years ago, we remain committed to eliminating the causes for sick homes and buildings and to eliminate the needless and senseless waste of natural, human and financial resources.  Through the careful design integration of proven climate-based, green architectural concepts that lead to sustainability, healthy building expertise, building science, and the use of appropriate construction methods and components, we have demonstrated time after time that highly attractive, practical, healthy, and nurturing environments can be created for where our clients, live, work, or play.

To avoid conflict of interest behaviors that we believe are not in the best interest of homeowners and that ethically plague business and life in general in the US today:

  • We do not sell the building products we specify or use
  • We do not accept commissions from those wanting to pay us for recommending their products or services
  • ŸWe do not pay commissions for referrals of clients to us
  • We do not provide rating services
  • ŸWe do not engage in design/build type services that combine design services with construction contracting