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Nearly 40 Years of Leadership in Healthful, High Performance Green Homes, Remodeling, Green Architecture
Fostering Sustainable Living Concepts & Practices since 1975

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5828 Langfield Road
Houston, TX  77092

Phone: 713-528-0000

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“You Can Afford A Green Home!”

Save money, save energy, thrive in a healthful home environment, and do your part for the planet.
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Environment Associates has a proven passion for cultivating and advancing quality of life through high-performance green homes in Texas and beyond.  Our green home designs demonstrate the dramatic economic, environmental, social – and joyful – benefits derived from striving to build sustainably.

  • Significantly lower Living Cost
  • Healthful indoor air quality
  • Superior energy efficiency
  • Low maintenance durability
  • Better return on investment
  • Improved human comfort and joy
  • Eco-friendly design and construction
  • Design for Passive Sustainability and Resilience

When you are ready to make responsible, informed decisions about the planning, design, and construction of the home, buildings, and surroundings that define your quality of life, please contact us.