Ultra Healthy Ultra Energy Efficient

Ultra Healthy Ultra Energy Efficient

Austin, TX

2800 sf of living area.  9 ft to 22 ft ceilings.  All major rooms receive natural light from at least two directions, some three.  Entire energy bill for this totally air conditioned all electric cement home for August and September 2000 was $72 and $80 respectively, for the hottest summer months ever recording in Austin Texas.  Featured on the Discovery Health Channel, January 2000.    Among the highest point total ever in the program’s history.

Design and proportions of the house based upon ancient building Vedic design principles that predate Feng Shui coordinated with EA’s Design for Life design principles.  All exterior and interior walls made from AAC blocks.  Indoor air quality is pristine.

Another home by Environment Associates where we just fulfilling our client’s wishes without aiming for a specific green award only to find out that the design and construction qualified and won the highest certified rating available from this nation’s original green building program.


Certified Five Star (highest) rating by the Austin Green Building Program.

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