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Centerville Texas Ranch House
Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn. Such is the case with this home as the client has closed their businesses here and moved back home to London after living here for some time. But not before they graciously and warmly thanked us for having been part of their dream for the ranch house they wanted to build near Houston. Previously, they had owned and restored a historic house in England that had been designed and built by Sir Edwin Lutyens, one of the most celebrated architects of all time, so working with them on a home that would have surpassed, construction-wise, almost every residence built here, was indeed a superb delight for us as well.

While unbuilt, it would have been a home that could have easily achieved the highest green building ratings available in the U.S. (as it would have been another of our homes where a Platinum LEED rating had been achieved or is possible), as it was to be constructed entirely of regionally manufactured AAC block, some walls being 14” thick, with stucco and stone exteriors and with an interior finish of local mud or Venetian plaster. By using regional natural stone, clay tile and solid wood floors, ceilings, trim & cabinetry, the indoor air quality would have been pristine. The home and the ranch would have been powered entirely by PV solar panels with wind generator assist and have battery storage to be completely off the grid. A durable 100 year recyclable metal roof and a rain water harvesting and storage system would have provided all of their water, even for fire protection.

As is our practice here at EA, our signature “Design for Life” for healthy passive sustainability strategies are an integral part of the design as well, as most of our clients want the security of knowing they can continue to live in reasonable comfort at home without having utility connections for power or water. This one bedroom home (master suite) with a study, grand living area with kitchen, dining and breakfast spaces, and two guest suites has 4150 sf of A/C space. There are 2243 sf of breezeways and porches. For your own purposefully designed home, or if this residence could be the home of your dreams, give us a call.