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Montgomery TX area home

This Home is a Registered LEED project with a preliminary Certification Level of Gold and a goal towards a final rating level of Platinum. This all began with the homes design which started with choosing the proper site specific orientation to enhance the effectiveness of solar power, breezes, and shading in the summer and sun in the Winter through the use of overhangs and porches. All of these aspects create and encourage opportunities to open the windows and let the design of the home carry wind throughout the building and up to the clerestory windows in the monitor to provide natural ventilation. This in turn reduces the need for air conditioning for much of the year. The rest of the science behind this exceptionally efficient home with a preliminary HERS index rating of 21 is in its bones with its highly energy efficient windows and doors, open cell insulation in the walls and at the underside of the roof, insulated headers, properly flashed and taped openings, and properly wrapped sheathing. This is further enhanced with its properly sized mechanical system, on-demand hot water heaters, light colored standing seam metal roof and much more.

As the construction process goes on, this home gets greener and greener. The owners just decided to collect 100% of the Rainwater from the Roof and even better still, this will not only be used for their exterior water needs but their potable water needs as well. This home has also just installed 36 photovoltaic panels providing a total of 9kw to help power the home. A professional has been hired to design a natural, native, low maintenance and even food producing landscape while incorporating strategies such as having various levels of landscaping for water and erosion control, use of drought tolerant plants, the use of dry creek beds and moss rock for visual interest as well as drainage, and no conventional turf whatsoever. This of course is after the owners have already left 65% of the buildable lot undisturbed and in its natural state. This for sure is not the end of this story…. stay tuned for more….