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Mayor’s & Houston Green Building Resource Center Tour Featured Project, May, 2012

Houston Texas

The Wareloft resulted from a couple’s desires for an environmentally sensitive home wedded to property they wanted to keep as natural as possible. It had to have interior spaces that are laid back, wide open, adaptable and accommodating for various activities and gatherings. It must provide ample room, have a weaving studio and a study and have gallery-like spaces for the owners’ created art. Using very little energy and having comfortable breezes inside even without power were part of their expectations, as was having a home that had the versatility and aesthetic appeal that loft and warehouse spaces have for them.

The purposely designed result suits the owners’ objective so well that the first expression uttered from new visitors is almost always “Wow!” (about 70% of the time) according to the owners. Weathering Hurricane Ike without damage, it provided comfortable living until power was restored weeks later. Without any PV solar assist, their total energy bill averaged $108/mo for 2010 and their highest electric bill, $137, was for the hottest 30 days ever for Houston (June 15 to July 15, 2009). This proved that the architect’s signature “Design for Life” & Passive Sustainability works very well indeed, despite this 3148 sf home having an interior volume equivalent to a 5800 sf home with 9ft ceilings. This is a Certified LEED Silver rated home on property that is also now a Certified Wildlife Sanctuary by the NWF.

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