Green Home Design

Green Home Design

Title: Texas Green Home Architects Houston, Austin | Houston Green Homes | Environment Associates

Description: Green home design in Texas by LaVerne Williams, Texas’s expert on sustainability and green homes



Simply put, five main factors influence the design of a green home: energy efficiency, water conservation, material selections, indoor air quality, and consideration of the site.


Of course, there is more to it than that.


Building an authentic green home requires a deep understanding of the climate and the microclimate of the lot and site planning, the building envelope, energy and resource conservation, etc. It requires wholistically integrating the building systems, components, and renewable systems with the site to lower building and ongoing living costs.


A green home respects nature, which provides us many free benefits:

–          Breezes

–          Sunshine for heat and energy

–          Rainwater for all our needs

–          Cleared air – the breath of life

–          Sound absorption for emotional peace

–          Grounding for free radical health


A green home is designed for security

–          Food gardens

–          Comfortable outdoor spaces in all seasons

–          Enhanced water storage on site

–          Reduced wildfire threat

–          Solar energy and wind power

–          Solar heating and cooling

–          Natural beauty of visual and acoustic effects


A green home is designed for long, healthy, delightful living

–          Healthy air, water, and sensory reactions.

–          Aging

–          Durability

–          Low Maintenance

–          Comfort in all seasons with minimal air conditioning or heating

–          Visual comfort and appeal

–          Adaptability of the home for several generations

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